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Biochemical Space

Below is displayed the entity view of the selected entity. Entity view is shown in the form of scheme expressing relations part of (green), contains (orange), substrate of rule (red) and product of rule (blue). The navigation panel on the left shows the entity in corresponding model and allows you to browse the biological structure of the model. Manipulation with the navigation panel is realized by unfolding the items in the navigation tree and clicking on a requested system level.

Annotations Tab
All the annotation links to relevant databases for the currently selected entity are displayed on the Annotation Tab below the scheme.

Models Tab
The Models Tab displays all models containing selected entity.

Relations Tab
Relations Tab contains information about relations in which selected entity figures. There are several types of relations: part of, contains, partial composition items and full composition items. This tab also contains organism info which is optional.

Rules Tab
Rules tab contains list of rules which contains selected entity.

Processes Tab
This tab contains set of processes in which selected entity is present.

chlorophyl{n} [chl{n}]

Is state of:

chlorophyll exciton of the internal antenna of PSII migrates to the primary chlorophyll donor of PSII that drives the charge separation between P680 and Pheo
Rule: ps2(chl{*}|p680{n}|pheo{n})::tlm <=> ps2(chl{n}|p680{+}|pheo{-})::tlm
chlorophyll a (chl, pigment ligand) emits near infra-red {nir} fluorescence
Rule: chl{*}::ps1::tlm => chl{n}::ps1::tlm + photon{nir}::cell
chlorophyll a (chl, pigment ligand) emits near infra-red {nir} fluorescence
Rule: chl{*}::ps2::tlm => chl{n}::ps2::tlm + photon{nir}::cell
chlorophyll a (chl, pigment ligand) is excited by absorption of a photon in the internal antenna of PSII (PSII, pigment-protein complex)
Rule: photon{blue_red}::cell + chl{n}::ps2::tlm => chl{*}::ps2::tlm
Exciton is transferred from the phycocyanobilin (PCB) in the phycobilisome (PBS) to chlorophyll (chl) in the
Rule: pcb{*}::pbs::tlm + chl{n}::ps2::tlm => pcb{n}::pbs::tlm + chl{*}::ps2::tlm